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SAP Consulting Solutions

What’s happening in ERP implementations?

According to The European Business Review, only 20% of implementations deliver value greater than the cost of implementation.

Systems Integrators support clients through the original implementation phases, but often leave before the client fully realizes the ROI promised. Unfortunately, in most cases, even the most talented IT organizations don’t have people with the experience in optimizing SAP needed to realize that ROI.

We believe it can be different.

Genuent believes that an SAP implementation should deliver positive return on investment. We work with organizations to increase the value of SAP throughout the project lifecycle through consultant and staffing services. Whether you're in the blueprinting phase or have an existing implementation, our consultants are equipped to join your team at any point in the process from planning through go-live and into post-implementation support. We can pick up where your systems integrator left off.

How we do it.

Our Consultants

Our virtual bench includes Functional and Technical consultants—many of them Platinum-level SAP Consultants—available nationwide to fit your needs, regardless of:

For those needs not fulfilled through our virtual bench, our specialized SAP Delivery team custom recruits using our deep network in the SAP community. In one recent case, we used our network to identify, screen, and present a consultant, one of just 3 specialists nationwide with that combination of module and industry experience, in less than 24 hours.

Our Process

We know it's a challenge to find qualified consultants to select, run, implement, or manage your SAP solutions, but we've worked with SAP consultants for many years and have learned quite a bit along the way. This helps us better screen the SAP talent we work with and find the right fit between consultant experience and client environment.

We take the time to get to know each client and their environment in order to deliver an individualized solution that combines the highest quality with unmatched value.

Our Experience

Our team has worked in the ERP industry since the 1990s and has Big Four experience in building ERP practices globally and supporting clients in a wide variety of industries.

How to get started.

Give our ERP team a call at (720) 428-2988.