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The Genuent IT Staffing Process

Genuent combines enterprise level experience with our customizable process that can be tailored to our clients, regardless of the vertical market they are in. We see people as people, not assets or “human capital,” which allows for us to better understand your goals and requirements when it comes to looking for IT professionals. More importantly, we offer a variety of placement services, from contract staffing to direct hire, which helps make the solution you are looking for flexible in both the short and long-term.

We want to help guide you in the right direction and provide you with the right people for your company so that you can stay focused on the key revenue projects and not be distracted through the timely process of trying to find the right match and skill set. At Genuent, we are willing to work with you and find a solution – even if that means we have to refer you to one of our competitors.

Through our years of experience in the IT staffing industry, we believe in creating positive experiences and being honest with people is most important. We do this because we love helping people, we love having one-on-one interactions with our clients, and we love being a part of the team. At Genuent, we don’t always look out for our bottom line, but we look out for clients, knowing that when we do provide them with the high-quality match they are looking for, then our client has won, and therefore, so have we.

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